SPECTRAL UNMIXING documents the life of musicians and DJs outside stage. It aims to portray the wide variety of jobs and occupations they have when they are not performing. Some of them are waiters, cooks, bus drivers, site builders, cleaners, and teachers among others. I have deep interest on depicting how people manage to develop skills on different fields due to economic needs. The project draws attention to the importance of keeping our musicians happy in society.

LOCATIONS BELOW: Button factory, architecture studio, building site, dentistry praxis, teaching academy, cafeteria, restaurant, pizza take away, arduino workshop

JCZ: Singer from IMBrown, Toronto, Canada. http://www.imbrownmusic.com/

JUAN: WEAR DJs. Alcira, Valencia, Spain.

SEGER: Bass player in Cruel Hand. Brunswick Maine, USA.

LEIRE, Keyboard and Guitar, Moon Shakers, Bilbao, Spain.

JOANNA, Singer – Joanna Chapman-Smith. Toronto, Canada.

ALI, Singer in Ali Mcwirk Band. Boston, USA. https://www.facebook.com/AliMcGuirkOfficial

MAYA, Singer, Actress and documentary film maker, Brooklyn-NYC, USA

DIEGO, DJ. Barcelona, Spain

JOHANESS, Singer and guitar player, Pitchtuner, Berlin, Germany, http://www.pitchtuner.net/