Biofilm Star

A photographic image always hints at the metaphysical – at things which are not materially present or beyond empirical hypothesis – and thus reveals a tension between the visible and the invisible. In this respect, the Biofilm Star series endows the traditional genre of portraiture with a particular significance whereby bacteria invisible to the naked eye are made visible with the FISH** technique and this is then superimposed on the subject. FISH is used by microbiologists to visualise bacteria in tissue and distinguish it from dead bacteria by implementing a colour based process. It lends the Biofilm Star series a visually kaleidoscopic effect and renders the subjects both corporeal and spectral at the same time.***

*Biofilms are complex layer-like structures of microbial communities that adhere to surfaces.
**Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization
***Text by science and art advisor and curator Sara Barnes

The experience of being portrayed alongside with disease opened a Pandora´s box of fears, memories and secrets about how we relate to the idea of disease in our private life. This links well to the concept of courage and the decision of fighting disease and it´s implications. (P.Rojas)