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I am a trained photographer and microbiology PhD student interested in designing interdisciplinary activities and pieces of work for a better understanding of scientific concepts and biological processes. I collaborate with artists, sound, stage and fashion designers on exploring the mutual influences between science and art. My work portrays the imaginative process shared by both disciplines where the conventional frontiers between them can no longer be traced.


• 2014, finalist in group competition, “Fashion Descience”, collaboration between fashion designers and scientists runway, MIT, Boston, USA.
• 2014, image collaborator, “Ecuador: Imaginäres Land”, literature, experimental photography and electronic traditional music event, Lateinamerika-Herbst festival, Museum Für Volkerkunde Hamburg – Goldbekhaus, in collaboration with M.Borja and C.Hugkelson Germany
• 2014, “Infective Phonetics”, interactive sound and video installation exploring biopsies and their bacterial DNA sound, LNdW, German Heart Institute, in collaboration with Finish Dj Joe LeBon, Berlin, Germany.
• 2014, photography group exhibition, “Espacios”, Arte Actual, Latin American Social Sciences Institute (FLACSO), Ecuador.
• 2014, photography solo exhibition, “Accidental Host”, Embassy of Ecuador, Berlin, Germany.
• Interactive “Fotoaktion” with guests:
o 2014, 20th year anniversary of the Pfaff Institute Berlin, Germany.
o 2013, Bionale BioTOP, Urania, Berlin, Germany.
o 2013, LNdW, German Heart Center, Berlin, Gemany
• 2013 and 2014, exhibitior at the “Sarajevo Winter Festival”, Bosnia.
o 2013, Travel grant given by the European Cultural Foundation.
• 2013, group exhibition, “Lonesometogether”, London Unhinged Festival, UK.
• 2013, group exhibition, “Piedaleando – Historias de Ciclismo y Peatonismo”, Fundación Museos de la Ciudad, Quito, Ecuador.
• 2012-2013, open air photography group exhibition, “Fotografía a Cielo Abierto”, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, Ecuador
• 2012 and 2013, competition finalists’ group exhibition “Infektiös”, Haus der Wissenschaft Braunschweig and Schlaues Haus Oldenburg, Germany
• 2012, design and concept of the exhibition: “Biophotologia, The Art of Science Photography”, Dublin City of Science, Ireland
• 2012, lecture: “Progressive Synergism Between Photography and Microbiology”, Euroscience Open Forum, Dublin, Ireland
• 2012, photo exhibition, official opening ceremony of LNdW, Bettenhochhaus, Charité, Berlin, Germany.
• 2012, book cover image: “Biology, Computing, and the History of Molecular Sequencing: From Proteins to DNA, 1945-2000”, United Kingdom, 2012
• 2012, images exhibited in public places by the “Curious” initiative of the Euroscience Open Forum, Dublin.
• 2012, open air photography group exhibition, “Ecuador en Bogotá”, Colombia
• 2011 and 2012, concept and design, “Be a Biofilm Star Fotoaktion” event (Exhibition and installation), LNdW, Berlin Museum of Medical History, Germany.
• 2011, image collaborator, “UpStart.ie promoting the importance of creativity in Ireland”, poster campaign, Dublin, Ireland
• 2009, concept and design for “Zoonosis Art”, 1 day workshop and exhibition.
o Infectious – Stay Away, Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
o European Union Week for Veterinary Medicine, UCD, Ireland.

Image collaborations:

Wellcome Images collection of the WellcomeTrust-UK, Health Research Board of Ireland, Animal Health Ireland.ie, Francis Crick Institute UK, Veterinary School National University of Ireland, UCD Research image bank, Irish Society of Parasitology, Infection Biology Programme UCD School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science, Bofinn Diagnostics, Journal of Music in Ireland, Vida Activa (outdoors magazine, Ecuador), El Telegrafo and El Universo (newspapers, Ecuador), Proyecto Aventura (extreme sports adventure race, Ecuador), Casa de la Musica (concert house, Ecuador) International Leptospirosis Society, Ecuadorian Ministry of Economics, FUNBBASIC (Breast Feeding Campaign, Ecuador), Absolute Floral Farms (flowers exporter, Ecuador), Braganca (florister, Ecuador), Cyrano (bakery, Ecuador) CAVES (catering, Ecuador), kayakecuador.com.



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